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Stop Comparing! You're Beautiful!

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Stop Comparing! 

You are unique. There's no one else like you--period. Acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you you. Skip making comparisons and spinning your wheels in that direction.

It's much easier to look outside of ourselves and feel like we are insufficient than it is to be self-referential and direct our attention to whether we are measuring up to our own standards or meeting our full potential.

Realizing, valuing and embracing our uniqueness enables us to be our best, to let our brightest light shine and to offer our special talents and gifts to fulfill our purpose in the larger meaning of life.

How to tie this into the subject of fashion accessories? It's not a big leap. Discover more about who you are by noticing what you are wearing. If what you are choosing isn't expressing the true you, reconsider. Do you need a splash of color to brighten your radiant self? Wanna tone it down a bit to pull off your career look? Is that necessary?

When I was at IBM I was all about color, texture and touches of femininity. Blue suits were not me, though I had one. I wasn't always comfortable in either style-- pushing the edges or keeping inside the unwritten dress-code lines. I believe my expression of style and self added to my success rather than subtracted from it. Today my true self is full of surprises. I am wearing ripped jeans as I type. I run around in yoga leggings as often as I find myself in fashion mode. I love the variety. I feel blessed to have the choice. I know it's important to be attentive to where I wear what. 

The accessories I offer to you my friends and new customers are carefully chosen in consideration of that diversity of personality within and that spectrum of styles and roles we find ourselves in over the course of one short day.

Effortless. Affordable. Irresistible. 

...that's what I'm looking for--- for the unique me and the incomparable you! Aren't we beautiful!?

Express. Embrace. Rejoice. 


Today pledge to not zap energy with comparisons. My daughter Grace Kelly has a poster hanging over her bed that sums it up: "Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have." Amen sister!

What do you do?

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Your Style Speaks for You

"What do you do?"

How many times are we asked that question? How often do we find ourselves mumbling something vague like, "I do accessories". "I have a purse business and..." And I've already lost their attention... justifiably.  

Ever had a big event, an anniversary, reunion or a speaking engagement where you wanted to look your absolute best? 

That's what I do. I give women that polished professional appearance, with accessories.

When you walk into a room, do heads turn? 

A thoughtfully selected scarf and handbag can create a statement, form a strong first impression, start a conversation.

I don't really do all that. I bring women together and it happens. Purse party or boutique, friends or perfect strangers; women coax each other to explore different styles: casual, chic, classic, edgy. We discover more about who we are: the impact we have, what we aspire to, and the difference we can make.

So what is it that you do? Can you describe it in a way that grabs my attention? Does the impression you make before you even begin to talk support what you do?

In this women-supportive ever-evolving enterprise I've gradually been discovering, what it is I actually do do. If you'd asked me nine years ago I would have said I schlep and sell purses.

Today, I connect women and enhance their sparkle; I raise funds for the organizations they are passionate about; I find purses and scarves they love; and I provide accessories that make a difference, that make heads turn. That is what I do. 

That is what I love.

Unleashing Animal-Friendly Fall Collection at ARF October 8th

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Unleashing Animal-Friendly Fall Collection at ARF’s “Women Unleashed” October 8th!

CC Kelly Accessories unleashes our new animal-friendly vegan handbag line Thursday, October 8th at the ARF “Women Unleashed!” Girls Night Out.

Always striding to decrease her footprint on the planet, CC has been on a search for attractive, affordable, well-designed handbags to appeal to her ever-growing socially conscious customer base. Exploring the hole-in-the wall shops on Orcas Island* this summer produced our new line of glossy jewel-toned purses which are now the gem of our fall collection.

 Leah Messenger in Pomegranate

Leah Messenger in Pomegranate

These vegan bags which have the look and feel of high quality leather, are impeccably designed using pvc-free**, low impact Poly Urethane (PU), in keeping with strict European Green Emissions Standards. The toxic output during production is minimal compared to leather tanning. The no-impact dyes and low emissions further reduce environmental harm.

All of this goodness and beauty and still within the umbrella of our commitment to be effortless, affordable and irresistible. Come see at the annual animal-friendly ARF “Women Unleashed!” event Thursday, October 8th. 5-8pm. It sold out last year and will again. Tell your “Girls Night Out” friends to Register Now! Can’t make the event? Preview or SHOP ONLINE now!

 Leah Soho Hobo in Mustard

Leah Soho Hobo in Mustard

*Where’s Orcas Island? Orcas Island has long been considered the “Gem of the San Juans”, a natural beauty, CC’s favorite place on earth. It makes perfect sense then that would be where the jewel of our vegan product line would be discovered.

**What does "PVC FreemeanPVC is (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, commonly referred to as vinyl. "When produced or burned, PVC plastic releases dioxins, a group of the most potent synthetic chemicals ever tested, which can cause cancer and harm the immune and reproductive systems."

 Leah Cross-body Pouch in Leaf

Leah Cross-body Pouch in Leaf

Summer's Extension Cord

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Labor Day Weekend: The Extension Cord of Summer

It's hard to believe it's fall when we are swimming, biking and slathering SPF. Protect yourself from the sun, take a look at my wide-brim roll-up and tuck-away visors. Great for style and sunscreen. Pop your pony tail out of the top, fluff your short hair so you don't have flat hot head. The colors are as varied as you are. Summer clearance price plus Labor Day discount--unbeatable.  


Hopefully for you too, Labor Day weekend is a happy extension cord on summer. Let it out as far as you can! Enjoy the outdoors, family, friends, maybe music, definitely food. Soak it up, savor it, take it sip by sip. Notice the small things, accomplish a few things and be grateful for all things. Blessings abound!  

harvest fest

Detour from mall madness this weekend and find a local harvest festival (I'll be at Concannon at the Livermore Valley Harvest Fest on Sunday) or travel any time to my website


Whatever you do, where every you go... go in style, collect compliments and exude confidence. Easy to accomplish with effortless affordable and irresistible accessories! 

Going no where fast, but going in style!

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My blog posts will occasionally hit on fashion and accessories topics, but not this first one. As I launch this long-awaited website I have to share a thought that crosses my mind frequently when expending so much time and effort on words and images that hang in a cloud, raining down on some, shining through to others and passing by many. Are my newsletters and emails important, meaningful, reaching anyone?

Do you ever feel like you are a hamster-on-a-wheel, running fast and furiously through meaningless tasks with unfulfilling outcomes? Here's a thought: What if the hamster isn’t trying to go anywhere? What if she is simply exercising and having a fun time? Often I feel that I am spinning helplessly because I want to get somewhere, do something, be productive.   When the results don't manifest a sense of futility arises. 

What if it wasn't about the end product? What if I was doing it just because I enjoy it, and spending so much time on it because I want to do it to the best of my ability? Without attachment to any particular outcome? 

The desired result may appear, or not... I can still focus on giving my best and reaping the joys knowing I did. I may be a hamster on a wheel, but I'll be having a rip-roaring time! 

Credit to Professor Srikumar S. Rao for helping me to articulate and actualize my musings on this subject.

Love to hear what you think...