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What do you do?

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Your Style Speaks for You

"What do you do?"

How many times are we asked that question? How often do we find ourselves mumbling something vague like, "I do accessories". "I have a purse business and..." And I've already lost their attention... justifiably.  

Ever had a big event, an anniversary, reunion or a speaking engagement where you wanted to look your absolute best? 

That's what I do. I give women that polished professional appearance, with accessories.

When you walk into a room, do heads turn? 

A thoughtfully selected scarf and handbag can create a statement, form a strong first impression, start a conversation.

I don't really do all that. I bring women together and it happens. Purse party or boutique, friends or perfect strangers; women coax each other to explore different styles: casual, chic, classic, edgy. We discover more about who we are: the impact we have, what we aspire to, and the difference we can make.

So what is it that you do? Can you describe it in a way that grabs my attention? Does the impression you make before you even begin to talk support what you do?

In this women-supportive ever-evolving enterprise I've gradually been discovering, what it is I actually do do. If you'd asked me nine years ago I would have said I schlep and sell purses.

Today, I connect women and enhance their sparkle; I raise funds for the organizations they are passionate about; I find purses and scarves they love; and I provide accessories that make a difference, that make heads turn. That is what I do. 

That is what I love.