My blog posts will occasionally hit on fashion and accessories topics, but not this first one. As I launch this long-awaited website I have to share a thought that crosses my mind frequently when expending so much time and effort on words and images that hang in a cloud, raining down on some, shining through to others and passing by many. Are my newsletters and emails important, meaningful, reaching anyone?

Do you ever feel like you are a hamster-on-a-wheel, running fast and furiously through meaningless tasks with unfulfilling outcomes? Here’s a thought: What if the hamster isn’t trying to go anywhere? What if she is simply exercising and having a fun time? Often I feel that I am spinning helplessly because I want to get somewhere, do something, be productive.   When the results don’t manifest a sense of futility arises.

What if it wasn’t about the end product? What if I was doing it just because I enjoy it, and spending so much time on it because I want to do it to the best of my ability? Without attachment to any particular outcome?

The desired result may appear, or not… I can still focus on giving my best and reaping the joys knowing I did. I may be a hamster on a wheel, but I’ll be having a rip-roaring time!

Credit to Professor Srikumar S. Rao for helping me to articulate and actualize my musings on this subject.

Love to hear what you think…