The Extension Cord of Summer

It’s hard to believe it’s fall when we are swimming, biking and slathering SPF. Protect yourself from the sun, take a look at my wide-brim roll-up and tuck-away visors. Great for style and sunscreen. Pop your pony tail out of the top, fluff your short hair so you don’t have flat hot head. The colors are as varied as you are. Summer clearance price plus Labor Day discount–unbeatable.


Hopefully for you too, Labor Day weekend is a happy extension cord on summer. Let it out as far as you can! Enjoy the outdoors, family, friends, maybe music, definitely food. Soak it up, savor it, take it sip by sip. Notice the small things, accomplish a few things and be grateful for all things. Blessings abound!

harvest fest

Detour from mall madness this weekend and find a local harvest festival (I’ll be at Concannon at the Livermore Valley Harvest Fest on Sunday) or travel any time to my website.

Whatever you do, where every you go… go in style, collect compliments and exude confidence. Easy to accomplish with effortless affordable and irresistible accessories!